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FlexRide Program


Transportation is one of the leading barriers preventing people from accessing vital services: finding and maintaining a job, getting to medical appointments and running essential errands. 

During the first six months of its operation, the FlexRide Program provided a needed service to many individuals, helping residents of Defiance County reach important destinations such as medical and court appointments, and job interviews. The organizations in Defiance County that currently provide transportation services include the Defiance County Senior Center, the Office of Veterans Affairs, and Defiance County Jobs and Family Services (JFS). The FlexRide Program mission is two-fold: to bridge gaps in access to transportation in Defiance County and to collect data with the goal of a coordinated transportation plan. FlexRide is successfully bridging gaps in public access to transportation by completing rides at a similar rate as JFS and the Veteran’s Office who have established transportation services. Additionally, the FlexRide model was created to supplement, and not compete with other organizations through the intake process. Therefore, these rides are being fulfilled for a segment of the Defiance County population that is not otherwise being served. 

As of February 3, 2016, 236 total trips (categorized as legal, medical, and employment related) were recorded from July 16, 2015. The distribution of these trips is shown below:


Do you qualify?

To qualify for a FlexRide trip, applicants must meet the following requirements: