Community Impact

Improving lives - one at a time. And we can only do that because of YOU, our faithful and generous donors. The impact of your giving on the Defiance County community is immeasurable; however, we strive to paint you the best picture possible with our annual impact reports. 




Mother, Daughter and Doctor

 Anna's (name changed) family relocated to Defiance for employment. Soon after arriving, Anna's family was informed that her insulin would not be covered under their health insurance. With funding from UWDC, Ravens Care was able to assist with her medication expenses until her medical team could find other medications that would fit her needs. 

    -  Emergency Medication Program, Ravens Care, Inc.


“I started using IV heroin at 15, I struggled with other drugs and alcohol before that. I did not know the effects, the sickness or anything at that time. I struggled after I had my son and the effects of heroin on my life. It ended up that I lost my family and son. I was in and out of multiple rehabs, inpatient and outpatient...I ended up getting in legal trouble and went to Serenity Haven. Now, I am successfully passing drug tests and I have a good job. I have stayed sober after graduating. I am looking into independent housing and buying a car. I have my son back.” 

     - UWDC funds Serenity Haven to provide a substance-free 24/7 residential treatment for women

Woman counseling woman



Debra Hench
Kelly & Steve Grube

DIAMOND LEADERS   $2,500 - $9,999

Kay & Ken Boroff
Doug Bush
Barb & Tom Callan
Beth & A.J. Hench
Denise & Mark Hench
Abigail & John Stehulak
Cathy & Steve Walker

GOLD LEADERS   $1,000 - $2,499

Tylene Adams
David Bell
Evelyn & John Boesling
Amy & Brian Callan
Mark Cassin
Lisa & Anthony Cosentino
Amy & Kenny Daeger
Andy Farley
Jeffrey Hahn
Connie & John Higbea
Amy Hoffman
Linda & Craig Hoffman
Terry Howarth
Julianne & John Liming
Bryan Keller
Barb & Mark Klein
Cheryl Koenig
Ann & Terry Melton
Jane Myers
Mary Alice & Richard Nagel
Jennifer Nicelley
Sue Reichard
James Rensi
Carolyn & Denny Rose
Mary & Herbert Scranton
Karen & Jim Schmidt
Lori Sheets
Sharon & Lynn Sheets
Brooke & Drew Shindler
Jennifer & Doug Shindler
Elizabeth Sigg
Sherri & Mike Steyer
Savanna & Ian Weber
Amy & David Winner

SILVER LEADERS   $500 - $999

Robert Barnett
Pamela K. Benedict
Rob Bourn
Laurel & James Brehler
Trina Buettner
Katie Clementz
Keeta & Mark Diller
Rachel Eicher
Brian Eitniear
Cyndi Ensign
Nondas & Mike Faber
Sharon & Dan Farrell
Mark Ferris
Paul Fitzenrider
Helen Frey
Joseph Froelich
Angie & Jon Gathman
Maria Gomez
Carla Higgins
Brenda Hill
Janis Hubbard
Jean & Tom Hubbard
Steven Hudson
Peggy Knueve
Carol & William Koester
Richanne & Michael Mankey
Karen & Mark Moats
Morris Murray
Jessica & Dan Myers
Robert Orta
John Ottee
Ruth Peck
Ted Penner
Beth & Michael Rath
Norine & Rodney Rethmel
Kelly Roach
Carol Robbins
Lea & John Rohrs
Jessica Short
Marilyn Stoner
Sue & Jeff Strausbaugh
Tyson Stuckey
Patty & Steve VanDemark
Diane & Jack Wahl
Luke Walz
Carole & John Weaner
Christopher Webb
Carrie & Ken Wetstein
Tim Whetstone
Amy & Jim Williams
Abby & Jonathan Wolfrum
Chris & Randy Yoder
Diane Zeigler

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